Afghanistan peace talks were not about roadmap to peace, it was about reaching an agreement to solve the geopolitical conflicts in Afghanistan.

It would be wrong to say war in Afghanistan will end by joining Taliban in Afghanistan peace talks. The main reason is that it’s not clear what war is for. There are many factors that can be reasons of war in Afghanistan.

Geopolitical conflicts, ethnic conflicts, fundamentalist Islamist groups, drug trade, black market, war for mine and many other factors can be reasons of war in Afghanistan. It’s almost around 300 years that conflicts going on in Afghanistan and its evidence that many factors can be involved in the war in Afghanistan.

Geopolitical conflicts are one of the factors of war in Afghanistan and in the region. Afghanistan’s goodness is that Afghanistan is a part of three important geopolitical regions: Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Conflict in the regions, means conflict in Afghanistan.

It’s clear that geopolitical conflicts are one of the reasons of war in the Middle East. Afghanistan as a part of Middle East also is in geopolitical conflicts. Therefore, the Afghanistan peace talks was not about peace, it was about geopolitical conflicts and strategic talks. When Taliban rejected the peace talks, apparent still need time to talk about geopolitical conflicts. It means resumption of geopolitical conflicts in Afghanistan.

It’s 16 years Taliban try to topple Afghanistan’s western-backed government and re-establish a fundamentalist Islamic regime. It means the government cannot secure all the interests of the counties that are involved in the geopolitical conflicts.

Some of those countries that their interests’ have not been secured by the current government, try to establish a government or support rebels groups against current government to meet their interests. Afghanistan government want to reach an agreement with countries that support rebel groups in order solve the geopolitical conflicts.

It sounds the government failed to solve the geopolitical conflict in Afghanistan. Even, if the government reaches an agreement to solve the geopolitical conflicts, war will not end. It would be only the same mistake as Dr. Najibullah, former president of Afghanistan did. In 1988, Afghanistan, USSR, the US and Pakistan sign peace records and USSR begins pulling out troops.

Dr. Najibullah failed and if Afghan Unity government follows his plan, Afghanistan would be more years in fire. There are two main reasons; rebel groups are separated from each other and are not under control of once country. It means many countries involved in geopolitical conflict. Second, Geopolitical conflicts are not only the reason of war in Afghanistan.

In the same time, victims are civilian, rebel militants (most of them don’t know what they do), and Afghan army. Nobody care about victims of war and only try meeting their interests.

The only hope for Afghanistan’s future is massive educated young people. They are tired of war and more important they are educated.


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