There is noAfghanistan-children-007 public playground in Kabul city for kids while it’s really important for kids to play in playground not in the Streets.

It’s really hard for kids to find a place in order to have fun. Indeed, there is no public playground for kids. Although private towns have playground, majority of kids don’t have playground. The majority kids in Kabul city used to play in the streets near to their houses.

Kids have two options to have fun; stay home or play in street. Kids usually prefer to play in street than stay their houses. “I’m comfort to play in Street.” said Yaser, 11 years old boy.

For people and kids, playing in streets, is a norm. It’s a virtual issue for kids to play in playground no in street. Playground would be only for kids, but streets are for everyone. Playground plays an important role during socialization of kids.

Kids learn from different people include gangsters in streets. Indeed, when they play in street, they look like street boys and gangs. It’s really dangerous for kids. Playground would be only for kid’s needs, without negative effectiveness.

Playground would help kids to be safe, learn from each other, do together friendly, and meet the parents of kids’ need to sureness about their kids.

Unfortunately, people don’t mind about playground for kids. The majority people mind about politics and war and peace, and forget to think for their kids too. “I’m worried about my kids when they play in the street. People don’t mind to build playground for kids.” said Parvin, mother of four kids.

The only solution is building playground for kids in order to meet kid’s needs. Building public playground is responsibility of government but people also can build playground. People and special parents can buy a land as shared land and build playground for their kids.


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