Otto Warmbier tried to steal a sign that said:” let’s strongly arm ourselves with Kim Jon -its patriotism.”  according to Wikipedia. Warmbier have to be in prison 15 years with labor work due to visiting a country which is dominated by one family.

Warmbier was detained in North Korea on January 2, 2016 and he admitted that he wanted to steal the sign on February 29 at a press conference. The court was held and ordered that he should spend 15 years with labor works in prison of North Korea. Beyond all, it’s all about symbolism and dictatorship.

Otto Frederick Warmbier, 21 years old student of Virginia University, was detained on January 2 at Pyongyang International airport, according to young pioneer tour, a Chinese based travel company that organized his trip. After over three months, Warmbier was appeared on a press conference to admit that he wanted to steal a sign from a staff-only area at Yangoko hotel with the goal of “harming the work ethic and motivation of the North Korean people”.

The AP, The North Korean Television, explain:” The court held that he committed a crime pursuant to the U.S government toward (the North), in abide to impair the unity of its people after entering as tourist.” According to the video of his press conference which is available on YouTube, he said:” I never, never should allowed myself to be lured by the US administration to commit a crime in this country.  I made the worst mistake of my life.”

It seems that Warmbier is in prison due to harming the work ethics and making weak the motivation and unity of North Korean through stolen a sign. The sign which said:” let’s strongly arm ourselves with Kim Jon-it’s patriotism.” according to Wikipedia. But how really is possibly that he achieved his goal through stealing just sign from a staff only area of a hotel which all visitors are foreigners. Would foreigners allowed to visit staff only area? Would foreigners know Korean to read the poster? To answer the question, we got to say No and it’s not about harming work ethics, motivation and whatever they said.

It’s clear that Warmbier is innocently in prison. But what happened to him direct us to another approach; symbolism and how dictatorship works in North Korea and the in entire world. Then, he just became victim of symbolism and dictatorship in North Korea.

Everybody may know that North Korea is a dictatorship country not a communist country.  The current leader of DPK (Democratic Public of Korea) is the grandson of founder of the North Korean government. It’s enough reason that The North Korea is not communist and it’s a country on hand of one family. Real communist is a post-real democratic country, according to what Marxists believes while we couldn’t see even one of the many fundamentals democratic societies in North Korea.

Otto Warmbier revealed the important role of symbolism in dictatorship countries which is under-cover- of communists and religions. North Korea, as dictatorship country with communist cover, constructed strong static identity for its people.

People in such countries and in North Korea, define their identity with such static identity which made by the dictatorship governments. In such static identities symbols such as ex leaders, have virtual roles. Warmbier, didn’t know the important role of ex leaders in North Korea, stole a sign that for many people in North Korea means identity. Symbols in such countries become their identity of course with prejudice. In the same time, major people think that our identity is ourselves.

The government of North Korea, unconsciously, said to the people who live in territory of the government that we are protector of your identity, and whoever insult or do wrong with your identity, we hardly punish them. Warmbier was used, as the one who treated the static identity of the North Korean, completely in the scenario. What all happened to him, was the implantation of the scenario.

They detained Warmbier to show for its people  that we don’t let other people to do anything with identity and ordered 15 years with labor works to say that look how we do punish people who do insult or do something wrong with your identity. Of course, the identity was made only by small number of people with purpose of meeting the interests of small number of people. In the same time, Otto Warmbier was just simply became victim of symbolism and dictatorship in North Korea.

Otto Warmbier is serious victim of symbolism and dictatorship in our world. In the same time, small numbers of people care about him. We don’t know would he survive, or no, yet.  We got not to forget that he is not the only victim of dictatorship and symbolism in our worldgettyimages-513204124-0aea37229cf0c48e1cd23c2951cb6e2a6



  1. You need to check your grammar and syntax. The article is informative but half of the sentences are broken and it gets in the way of what you want to say. It’s like trying to understand Today. Stay in school there Shakespeare.


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