For many societies, having gangsters is a norm and as well as Kabul City has many groups of gangsters that people name them “Landaghar”.

Maybe, only small numbers of people considered gangsters as a part of society but many people dropped out of the society. While there is no research study about them, factors such as war, careless, and poverty might influenced young people to turn into become gangsters and gangsters silently threat the society.

There is no clear date about the number of gangsters in Kabul city and or any other big cities of Afghanistan. But what we know is big cities in Afghanistan such as Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Mazar-i-sharif, and Nangarhar have many group of gangs that are made by, commonly, aged of 14 up 25 years old boys.

In the same time, people forgot to think about them and even don’t think that they are also a part of the society. This is what sociologists call “ostracism”. People no more care about them and just drop out of the society. It seems shameful for society that gangs who are just 14 years old, drop out of the society.

For instance, a university student that one of his young family members became member of gangs told me that I don’t consider him as my family member anymore. “He is not anymore part of our family.” He said. This is what exactly happened to many of members gangs in Kabul.

While so many people dropped them from the society, many people considered them useful for the society. Many youth gangs considered themselves as protector of the society. Kabul with different ethnic groups has different gangs with ethnic group background. The gangs of one ethnic group see themselves as protector of their ethnic group.

In the same time, many people knowledge gangs works. But if we go beyond the stereotypes, we discover that both perspectives are wrong about gangs.  It might be better to look at them from another side of view and explore what factors forced or encouraged young people to become gangsters.

There is no research study, as much as I know, to show relation between war and encouraging young people to become gangsters in Kabul. But this can be the reason that why many people forgot gangsters and this direct us to another approach.

Careless of families about their children and young people can be one of the reasons of turning young people to gangster in Kabul. War leaded people to think only about security and they just forgot—many people special parents of gangsters— to care about their children. When we move on, we discover poverty can be the next serious factor that influenced young people to become gangsters.

Poverty in Afghanistan can be the other serious reason of becoming young people gangsters. Poverty can be considered as encourager young people to thieve, and do other crimes in order to survive in the society for many young poor people.

Meanwhile, there is no research study of casualty in Afghanistan to find out poverty, careless, and war caused gangs or no. But what we know is the significations of gangsters in the society and especially in Kabul. The significations are the prices that society forgot them and dropped them out of the society.

The significations of gangsters should be considered as silent threat due to not being in the lens of cameras and the topic of writers and researchers. The Silent threats silently harm the society and just damaged more young people year by year. Kabul residents or other residents of big cities in Afghanistan might note that these guys are just increasing and day by day, month by month, and year by year. Increasing gangsters is itself a big silent threat.

Annoying the people and thieving from people, is the next clear significations of gangsters and how they harm the society. Streets of Kabul city at nights are not secure due to existence of gangsters. Thieving from house of people and making money through doing crimes is general thing that they do harm the society and the people.

Being trouble makers for girls is another harm and threat that they silently do. Gangsters are mostly young and being young encouraged them to make trouble for girls in order to satisfy their need and relationship with other young girls.

Many people forgot gangsters and dropped gangsters out of the society, and this leaded people to don’t think about the factors that forced and encouraged young people to turn into gangsters. What society did with them came up with many threats such as thieving. But the more important issue is they have no prospective in the society.


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