Kabul City

If someone desire to trip and walk around, he or she shall not find Public Park in Kabul City and shall get disappointed and frustrated.

In city of Kabul, you cannot find Public Park. But there is no plan to build one, either. For many reasons, it’s one of the fundamentals public service to the community.

It might be surprised for many to know that there is no perfect Public Park for Kabul residences. For residences that wake up with explosion in morning and with seeing pictures of dead people go to sleep. That is infortune for the people in city of Kabul. While people lost many essential services, they are lack of having place to escape from the lacks and infortune.

“There is no Public Park for us.” said Atiq, the Kabul resident. There are parks but not public parks. Private towns have their own parks and they enjoy it but there is no Public Park at the center of the city that everyone could enjoy from being at park. The city with around 6 million people in 2014, have no Public Park and this is disaster.

At least for six million people, there should six Perfect Public Park. While the city is lack of plan at all but in Master plan for the city of Kabul, there is no design of Public Park. In Master plan of Kabul city by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), there is no plan to build even one Public Park in Kabul City.

In the same time, the countries that aided Afghanistan to rebuild, there was/is no aid to build Public Park or at least rebuild small and imperfect Public Park. But they just focused on house constructions and building apartments. For instance, Chine, last year, released an announcement about building 10,000 apartments for Kabul residence, meanwhile USAID announced couples months before, to pay for housing constructions.

In the meanwhile that foreigner didn’t care about building Perfect Public Parks in Kabul, Afghanistan’s officials didn’t talk and didn’t plan to build one, either. President Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting on August 17, 2015 in the Presidential Palace to discuss the development plan for the city of Kabul, according to the office of the president Islamic republic of Afghanistan.

For many people, the news that The President discussed about Kabul city development plan, was enough surprised and hopeful. But unfortunately, Kabul City development plan didn’t cover about planning to build Public Park. The President highlighted included measures to avoid water and air pollution, proper use of high hills, greenery, and house constructions.

Greenery is close issue to Public Park but the point is they didn’t plan to build Public Park. It seems High School student know more about benefits of Public Park. “Park can be comfort place for our mind and body. But we don’t have park to do so.” said Niaz Mohammad, high school student in Kabul.

We don’t know why foreigner supporters and interior authorities of the country special analyzers in The Ministry for Urban development didn’t build Public Park and plan to build Public Park, yet. But so many people consider Public Park as essential service to the community. “If we had park, we would like to picnic with our friends and family to enjoy our holidays.” said Niaz Mohammad.

From eyes of expert, benefits of Public Parks are more than we think. Public Park has benefits which are necessary for the people. The people, whom had been in war for around 40 years, needed the benefits of perfect Public Park. The benefits of Public Parks can be categorized in three sections: social impacts, health and environment impacts, and economic impacts.

Social impacts of Public Parks are essentials and one of the impacts is center for the community. People with different ethnic background, with different occupations, with different ages and different people can be there, beside of each other. This can be point that people start tolerating and respecting each other and then accepting each other. Public Park can be seen as home of the community, at all.

Health impacts have been clarified by a study. Study by Penn State University of U.S showed significant correlations to reductions in stress, lowered blood pressure, and perceived physical health to the length of stay in visits to parks. While people are suffering from stress, lowered blood pressure and physical health, parks can be suit for them.

Environment impacts are vital for the city of smoke. Parks are proven to improve water quality, protect groundwater, and improve the quality of the air we breathe. In the meanwhile, Kabul City is losing its water quality, ground water special recent years and Kabul residences are breathing smokes. But parks can save the city and its people’s health.

Economic impacts of Public Parks have more roles on mental health of people than on number money in pockets of people. Public Parks can be place where important festivals of Music, art and holidays take place. The people, who hear nothing without explosions and violence, deserve to enjoy the festivals and be without violence. Public Parks can the place where offer joy to the people and add money to the pocket of some people who held the festivals.

For many people, thinking about building Public Park is wasting time, but people should know that they don’t have perfect Public Parks and there is no plan to build, either. We can be hopeful that authorities might know and become aware that Public Parks is fundamental services to the community with important social, health and environment, and economic impacts on people.



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