Pamir International Model United Nations for a very first time was organized by youth thinkers’ society in Kabul for afghan youths to negotiated, share idea, talk, and face with agreement and disagreement for three days.

Pamir International Model United Nations (PIMUN) took place at marble palace—marmarin palace—(the council of ministries) in Kabul with over 300 delegates from 29 provinces and three international delegates from India, Australia and Pakistan.

The MUN had been opened by ceremony on 4 August with attendant of the president, Mr. Ashraf Ghani, First Lady of Afghanistan, Rula Ghani, Head of Europe Union delegation to Afghanistan, Mr. Ambassador Franz-Michael, and Swedish Ambassador Mr. Anders Sjoberg.

The President, Mr. Ashraf Ghani appreciated the works of Youth thinkers’ Society for organizing the MUN for very first time in Kabul, Afghanistan. Mr. Ashraf Ghani said, ” Youths are generation of team working and unity, not division.”


Afghanistan Unity Government strongly backed the Pamir International Model UN conference. “The conference took place with strong government—backed.” Head of EU delegation to Afghanistan, Mr. Ambassador Franz-Michael said.

The Government given chance to the youths to organize the conference at marble palace (council of ministries), where all the ministries, the president, the chair executive of the government, and high authorities of the government hold their meetings and it was too rare for youths to be allowed to enter the palace. Even more, the government invited all the media to cover and  TOLO NEWS, main stream media of Afghanistan, broadcasted live the event.

However, The MUN was launched to work by final speech of the president of the Pamir International Model UN, Mr. Moneer Koshani that said on 4th August, “The PIMUN titled of youths for global peace.”

After the opening ceremony, all the delegates joined UN committees such as UNSC (United Nations Security council), UNHCR (United Nations of High commission of Refugee), UN-Women, and UNECOSOC (United Nations of Economic and social Council), and Afghan traditional grand council (Loya-Jirga).

Youths at UNSC, UNHCR, UN—women, UNECOSOC committees, and afghan traditional grand council were arguing, talking, negotiating, lobbying, hearing opposite’s opinions, and debating for three days on 4th, 5th, 6th, August.


Hameeda Raahii, delegate of Germany at PIMUN of UNECOSOC, said that Model UN is about diversity, communication, debating and developing of leadership. She added that we became allies, enemy and then outside we were all friends and that was surely cool.  She also mentioned that we had sub-topics regarding developing economic strategies for International aids in conflict regions such as International investments instead of International aids with forms of moderated and un-moderated caucus and GSL (General Speaking list).


The delegates of countries at the Pamir International Model UN were generally high school students, Undergraduate students and graduate students. The delegates shined and showed very brightly as Philip said. “Youths—the delegates—of Afghanistan are passionate, energie, creative, talented and entrepreneur.” said Philip Longley, Australian delegate of Australia at UNSC of PIMUN.

“Few opportunities for youths in Afghanistan and MUN was chance for Afghan youths to learn how to diplomacy, negotiation, and find resolution for international and national conflicts.” said Kuday Nazar Rahmani, Director of UNECOSOC committee of PIMUN.


At the third day of PIMUN conference, youths were not only delegates; they were all future leaders of Afghanistan. The Closing ceremony of PIMUN took place on 6th August with presence of chair executive of Afghanistan Unity government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that we support youths’ inventions and we are with youths. He also added that today, those who are youths, are tomorrow leaders of Afghanistan. The Afghan youths who participated at the conference, had been considered future leaders of Afghanistan with strong responsibility of moving forward a country which is in fire of war and conflicts.

The MUN was more than normal MUN for future leaders of Afghanistan. The MUN was about teaching new way of political behavior. The MUN taught future leaders many values. “It taught us the value of diversity, non-discrimination, peace, unity, and respecting others’ opinions.” said Shahana Ayobi, delegate of Romania at the UN—Women Committee.

At the end of the closing ceremony of Pamir International Model United Nations, The President of the conference, Moneer Koshani, surprised all the delegates and organizers with announcement of the invitation of the President, Ashraf Ghani, to the ARG (Presidential palace of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan).


The President, Ashraf Ghani said that The MUN was pretense, at the reception that hosted on 7 August at the presidential palace.  The president added that Pamir International Model United nations was about to teach our next generation of leaders how to negotiate, talk, and respecting others opposite opinions.

Although current political behavior of Afghanistan’s leaders is not appropriate at all, future leaders’ political behavior can be better. Current political behavior of Afghanistan’s leaders disappointed many people. For instance, disagreement between the government and the Enlightening Movement remained and failed talks brought people to streets on 23 July that was ended with over80 dead and 300 wounded by two suicide bombers of Islamic state.

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But there is hope that future leaders of Afghanistan from such conferences and programs learn new democratic political behavior based on talking.


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