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The Youths Parliament started to work on Sunday at 14 August with speech of the president, Mr. Ashraf Ghani. But the Youths Parliament faced many critical over the process of member of the Youths Parliament.

The Youths Parliament with purpose of practicing “democracy” and involvement in politics was funded by UN (United Nation) and implemented by Ministry of Culture and information including the selection of member of the Youths Parliament.

The parliament was only for 18—30 years old people and started to work at the parliament of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The opening ceremony was held with presence of the President of Afghanistan Unity government, Mr. Ashraf Ghani.

Mr. Ashraf Ghani again pointed at youths as major factor to build Afghanistan and make strong unity. “You—youths—don’t let the enemies separate the country and keep the country unite.” The President, Mr. Ashraf Ghani said that was Quoted by TOLO NEWs.

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But who were the youths? They were relatives of the authorities of the government? Or they were educated and qualified youths? After the opening ceremony of the Youths Parliament, many youths criticized the selection process of the Youths Parliament with holding press conference and social media’s posts.

Young Reaction, NGO based in Kabul, held press conference with titled of “Don’t cheat youths of Afghanistan by—literately motto—fiction”. Young reaction claimed that the process of selection of member of the Youths Parliament was injustice. They also added that major of member of the Youths Parliament are relatives of authorities of the government that didn’t full the requirement of the selection process.

In the same time, the Deputy of Culture and information minister, Kamal Sadaat, rejected the claims.

Although the government didn’t accept any form of corruption in the Youths Parliament, Farid Ghalib seemed angry over the Youths Parliament. Farid Ghalib posted on his Facebook account that I as youth of Badakhshan—north east region of Afghanistan—decline the Youths Parliament.


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