Besides that King Amanullah Khan of declared Independence of Afghanistan, the King made and support first steps toward gender equality in Afghanistan.

97 years ago, King Amanullah Khan opened his sword from its hilt and told to the representative of Indian British in Afghanistan that we are independent and have independent foreign policy. The day has been named “Independence Day of Afghanistan”.

King Amanullah Khan, son of Habibullah Khan, known as hero of Afghanistan for his bravery to declare Independence of Afghanistan and specially foreign policy of Afghanistan. Before King Amanullah Khan, Afghanistan didn’t have independent foreign policy and wasn’t known in the world.

Amanullah Khan and his team started independent foreign relations with other power of the time such Germany, France, and Italia. Amanullah khan made his famous tripe to the Europe. The King visited France, Germany, Italia and Russia and that made Afghanistan popular country in the Europe.

“Independence day of Afghanistan” has important foreign independency aspect.  Today, Afghanistan celebrates mainly the “independence foreign policy”.

Afghanistan officially celebrated 97th anniversary of Independence of Afghanistan at ARG (presidential palace of Afghanistan) on Tuesday 18 August. The ceremony took place with presence of the President of Afghanistan, Mr. Ashraf Ghani, and other high rank of governmental authorities.

The president, Ashraf Ghani said, “We wouldn’t give up our foreign policy to other countries. We are independent state and have independent foreign policy.” The president as King Amanullah Khan, constantly mention that Afghanistan has independent foreign policy toward to meet the national interest of Afghanistan.

In the Independence Day of Afghanistan many people forget to celebrate something more important than foreign policy; interior reforms that King Amanullah Khan made in the country. According to analyzers of history and sociology, King Amanullah khan established many education institutes and newspapers.

The King worked toward to establish modern state with establishing education institutes for women and men. For the first time, During King’s period, Women of Afghanistan accessed to education.


Queen of Afghanistan, Malika (Queen) Soraya established first school for girls in around 1921 in Kabul. Malika Soraya leaded team of women to open first school with name of “Mustouvirat School”. The school was exclusively for girls and the queen later dispatch many girls to study abroad in Germany, France, and Turkey.

97 years ago with Independence Day of Afghanistan, King Amanullah Khan started to make change in society to bring gender equality through supporting one exclusive newspaper for women. Malika Soraya with strong support of the King printed first exclusive newspaper in the name of “EReshad Niswan”.


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