Shukurallah is one of kids in Kabul city that his family punishes him and makes him so sad. Sadness, that his family given him, could be vanished by watching cartoons.

Shukurallah, who is in First Grade at “ChilhellDukhtaran” (Forty girls) Public School, used to watch Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Couples of his hour spend on watching of escaping and following of the cat and the mouse that known as Tom and Jerry.


“My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry” said Shukurallah.Shukurallah is only eight years old that his mother frequently punished him with beating by woods in his back.

Family punishing is not uncommon for children in Kabul. Wood that Shukurallah’s mother used to punish him was not only case of family violence against children.The Majority of children in Kabul faced hard violence and are under oppression of their families.

“My mom punishes me. She used to get in her hand a wood to punish me and usually targets my back.” said Shukurallah.

Even, because families frequently punish their children, children don’t feel pain any more. “The first moments that my mother targets my back by wood, I don’t feel pain. I just know she beats me but not feel. After moments, I feel pain in my back” said Shukurallah.

“I feel so helpless and alone when my mother beats me by woods.” Shukurallah added.

But cartoons are miracle for him and came up in the right time. “When my eyes start to cry, I go to watch cartoons.Before watching cartoons, I feel so sad because of beating of my mother. But during watching cartoons, I fully forget about my sadness.” Shukurallah said with smile.

Aria TV station is the only exclusive TV channel that broadcast programs for kids in Kabul City.Aria has many cartoons episodes  for kids in Kabul and gives smile to sad children that suffer from family punishment.

Not every kid can watch cartoons.Poor kids don’t have TV or don’t have time to watch cartoons. Mahdi, whose brother was ice-cream seller; Aman, was with his brother to learn how to work in street not watch cartoons.

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Even, if kids stay all the time in home in front of Television, the remote of their TV would be in hand of older people and rarely on hands of kids to turn into their favor Aria channel to watch cartoon of the small Misha with big bear in wood made home of Russian nature.


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