Loudspeakers of music sellers attract young people to buy music and helped sellers to be better than many other jobless young people of Kabul City

Hashim Hussaini, 21 years old, open his computer’s lock in the start of everyday and play songs with high volume in walk-side of Kabul streets to attract and encourage people to buy music.

Poster on Music sellers’ stalls advertise programming, creating Facebook account for uneducated people, Movies, dictionaries, PDF books, Music and other technical services to people. Enrique Iglesias with open-necked white shirt and Justin Bieber on the stage of concert advertise Music and attract young people to buy different songs.

You don’t need to pay a lot to start working as Music seller in streets of Kabul city. You just need buy music, open a stall in front of mobile store, and computer with loudspeakers in order to be Music seller in the streets.

“we buy music and sell one GB songs per 20 AF ( 33 cent USD). Price of on favorite songs is 5 AF ( 0,8 Cent USD).” said Hashim Hussaini.

The job is easy and comfort with god income for many teenagers and young people. “ I usually gain 400 AF (7 USD) per days and net income per day is 200 AF ( 3,5 USD) per days.” said Hashim.

Justin Bieber makes Thousands Dollars from singing one song. Persian singers like Murtaza Pashai, one of the most popular singers in Persian language and died last year, made Thousands dollars through working as musician. In the same time, the songs that singers released and release inside and outside of the country reach in computers of music sellers of Kabul City. The profits of selling music in the streets don’t go to pocket of the singers but to pocket of many jobless and helpless teenagers and young people of Kabul city.

Copyright doesn’t mean anything to the sellers. This is for sure that they sell the music illegally but the one of the most valuable outcome of the singers’ songs is helping and taking hands of the jobless and helpless teenagers and young people of Kabul City.

“I became orphan in 11th grade and the situation forced me to be music seller. Through working as music seller could help me to graduate high school.” said Hashim.

Selling Music also helped and helps many young people and teenagers to back their families’ households, and not forced to as as worker of building constructions and many other hard works with dark prospective. “Now, I can back four households without working hard as worker in the streets.” Hashim mentioned.

Hashim also added that I have learnt about programming, computers’ programs, internet and other software.

Moreover, Hashim, as many other, found his way in life. “I know where I want to go and what my path in life is. This is result of working as music seller.” Hashim proudly said.

Selling music as miracles for many young people and many of them now have prospective.

“ I wish I get into Computer siceince faculty of Kabul university through attending in Kankor examination of this year.” with smile said Hashim.



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