Three blasts hit the capital, Kabul at rush hour and midnight and killed over 40 people and wounded more than 100 other in less than 24 hours on September 5—6 2016.

In less than 24 hours, two attacks happened in the near of the defense ministry and CARE international in the hearth of Kabul City.

The first attack happened with two blasts near to the defense ministry and presidential palace on September 5, 2016 at rush hours evening when employees of the ministry were leaving theirs work office.

Reuters quoted, “When the first explosion happened people crowded to the site and then the second blast occurred, which was really powerful and killed lots of people,” said Samiullah Safi, who witnessed the attack.

The first blast was detonated remotely and people, including army general, senior police officers, soldiers and army gathered to help the victims. After people gathered, suicide bomber blew up himself and killed dozens and wounded over 100 people.


The Public health ministry confirmed that 41 people were killed and 100 other were wounded. Civilians made the major victims. In the meanwhile, the defense ministry confirmed that an army general and two senior police offices are among the dead.

Night of the day was horrible for Kabul City, too. Suicide bombers exploded car bomb close to CARE international building at 11:00 PM September 5, 2016. The attack left four dead, who were the bombers, and six other were injured.

download (1).jpg

Ministry of Interior affairs released statement, “A group of three suicide bombers equipped with light and heavy rounds of ammunition, suicide vests and an explosives-laden vehicle attacked the humanitarian organization (Care)”.

Three suicide bombers entered the building and started fire exchange with Afghan National Police. Care Organization was under fire for 11 hours and the fire exchange ended on morning. “We had heavy fight and most successful fight anti-terror attack.” said spokesperson of the ministry of Interior affairs, Sediq Sediqi.

The attack didn’t kill anybody else of the suicide bombers that were killed in shooting by Afghan National special force. Six other were injured in the attack. The Ministry Interior Affairs confirmed the number of the victims and added that 42 aid workers –including ten foreign aid works—were rescued.


Taliban claimed responsibility for the both attack that occurred in the rush hour and the midnight and described CARE International as a center of foreign espionage. Taliban claimed responsibility for attacking at rush hour evening when people were rejoining their loves in their homes.

But 41 people will never be in their homes and over 100 families should visit their loves at hospitals.

In the meanwhile, The Defense Ministry of Afghanistan released statement regarding the attack on outside of huge walls of Afghan pentagon that Taliban has been defeated in the ground and Taliban want to spread “fear” amongst of the country.

Outside of the country’s border, International amnesty lashed out the attack and said that Taliban intentionally attack on civilians and it’s equivalent to war-crime.

The attacks were carried out only after two-half weeks of the attack on American University of Afghanistan. Gunmen with bombs and grenade stormed American University of Afghanistan. Unknown Militants killed 16 people—seven students and two of them were killed due to the horror—and wounded over 20 others. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, yet.



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