Blasts voices can be heard by all residences of Kabul City except young people who are deeply engaged with loud laughs at Football stadiums.

Terror attacks such as blats, fire exchange, fighting Extremists groups, and other problems that a warfare country have from crimes and killing to poverty made sadness and miserably common part of Kabul’s residences and all over of Afghanistan. But how young people deal with the problems made possible for them to have fun and enjoy life even in the warfare country.

Teenagers and youth are commonly amateur Football players. Samim Sultani, 19 years old and first year student of Public policy faculty of Kabul University, said that I used to play Football once per week for fun and as amateur player.


“Young people are our main customers. They usually rent our stadium for 90 min and we host at least four times day.” said Asif Mohibzad, who was responsible of MAIHAN (motherland) Football Stadium.

The Football Stadiums are not large as other countries. The Football Stadiums have only approximately 968 meters 2 length.

“We rent the stadiums for 90 min that cost 600 AF (8 USD) up to 1500 AF (22 USD) and play in two teams which each team has five players including goal keeper. “said Samim Sultani.

Asif Mohibzada added that young players can play anytime—they can play in morning, nights, and daytime. They can also play in the hot summer days and cold winter days and raining spring and autumn days—and that because stadium is ironclad and with big air-conditions that spread wind for players in hot summer days of Kabul.

Kicking a goal and celebrating it, is what the young people look for it and spent 90 min in the hard ground of stadium which is made of mosaic and covered by special Football carpet. Feeling Victory is observable on face of young Football players after kicking goal. Victory actions such as jumping over each other, shacking of each other’s’ hands of the players, obviously show that they reached to their goals of having fun and escaping from problems.

Kicking goal and having fun not without its disadvantages. Breaking legs and getting other serious physical hurts are the disadvantages of playing Football. In the meanwhile, there are no medical facilities such as first aids package for the players in the Football Stadiums.

“We don’t have such as medical facilities in the Stadiums. We have ball, one hard ground and two teams.” said Mohammad Niaz, who was High school student.

For 90 minutes, young Football lovers escape behind everything and they just have fun. But it’s only for 90 minutes and Night TV news tell them about killing soldiers, heavy fighting, and blasts across the country.


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