A group of girl actors in men cloths with black mustaches and wives performed Theater Street in Kabul for building peace in families and then the country on September 22, 2016.   14442708_1256447764388643_11920128_n

Girl actors named themselves ‘envoy of equality’ performed theater street for first time at Zarnigar Park of Kabul city. The ‘envoy of equality’ was young and new generation of educated actors.

The group aimed something very big and reflected deep desire of people which is peace. “We want to build peace in families through Theater Street and families would build peace in the society” said Mohammad Ahankran, director of the show.

“Peace starts from individuals, families, then neighbors and finally across the country.” said the other actor.

The girls titled their Theater ‘peace is power’. The theater of ‘peace is power’ performed a conflict between two neighbors in the city that have continued for more than 10 years. Among the years of conflict, two girls of the neighbors became friend of each other and of course have hidden their friendship from their families.

The Theater of ‘peace is power’ performed that how ignorance can divide peoples and even friends should hide their friendship.


“Najia and Fatima were the two friends, who have hidden their friendship, ended the irrational conflict.” said one of the actors. Going to school finally forced the girls in the men cloths with mustaches of the two neighbor families to huge each other and live in peace.

The group’s work has not finished yet.  The Girls would appear again in men cloths with black mustache, aggressive wives and two close friends for twenty times in street of the city.



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