Men domination can be found even in shops that are exclusive for women. But in recent years, number of saleswomen has increased and this can be start of to put end in domination of men over women shopping market and then whole society.

Khatera Hussaini is a saleswoman in shop which is full of what women need. Her small shop sells cloths, perfumes and a woman can find what she need during Shopping. Khatera Hussaini is not alone in the shop; she has to look after her two small sons too.

“I’m very happy that I’m a saleswomen.” said Khatera Hussaini. If women come to shop in Barch-e- Business center—in west side of Kabul City–, Khatera is one of many other saleswomen who would host them with special smiles.

“I live with my two small sons and I make enough money from being saleswoman.” she added. Her husband discovered and left her alone with small sons. “I decided to back them, not wait for my lovely sons to back me.”

She also said that appearing a saleswoman in big shopping center is not normally for people but that people accept me that I’m a saleswoman.

“This is a new achievement for depressed women in Afghanistan” said Roya Ebrahimi who was a saleswoman in Barch-e-Business center.

People accepted saleswomen in a society where gender inequality is very high. For Roya Ebrahimi becoming a saleswoman can be considered big achievement in the society of men. Men who completely dominated everything from president to be a salesman in shop that sells cloths of women.

Domination of men in large parts of the society is clear and even men dominated shops that women shop from those shops.

Many women are becoming saleswomen and it is changing the domination of men in society. First, this change was not welcomed even by women but now women welcomed and happy with it. This small sign is tells about changing the society toward gender equality.

“Some women, who used to shop from here, for early times, didn’t welcome my work. But after a while, women just become so friendly and we have good company with each other.” said Roya Ebrahimi.

The acceptance is started from families. Roya Ebrahimi said that my family have no problem with my work and that have no problem with my job in outside.

The brave women dared to dream about something bigger than being saleswoman. “I can run my own shop but I don’t have enough money.” said confidently Khatera Hussaini.

Khatera Hussaini said that there is market for women to become seller and this is chance that women can go out to work as seller. This can be start of changing domination of men over market of women shopping.

“I’m very happy that I’m buying cloths from a seller who is a woman. It’s so easy to buy everything I want.” said Razia Karimi who was shopping from Roya Ebrahimi shop.




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