Rebel Islamist groups recruits Children in Ghor province—North West region of Afghanistan—in order to use them as tool such as suicide bombers and child soldiers, according to Human rights staff in Ghor province.

Chairman of local office of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in Ghor province, Zabihullah Jawad said to the Liberty Radio that we have evidence that shows rebels recruit children and train them be Child soldier and use them as tools in the war.

“Many reported via phone and orally that the rebel groups recruit and use from children as tool.” was quoted by Liberty Radio.

The report was released about Afghanistan that its half population is under age of 18. The huge number of children in Afghanistan and trouble armed conflict led the Afghanistan to be worst place for children to be used as suicide bomber, and child soldier.

Afghanistan today is without a doubt the most dangerous place to be born,” Daniel Toole, regional director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

In 2015, according to reports verified child recruitment was 115 boys and one girl. Meanwhile, the ministry of Justice of Islamic republic of Afghanistan reported that 214 boys were arrested on charges of national security at the end of 2015.

The children, who have been recruiting by Rebel Islamist groups, would face trouble in the both sides. The government considers them as terrorists and Rebel Islamist groups teach them to kill.

Reporter of ABC—was broadcasted in 2014, Sally Sara exclusively talked to the children who had been detained in the government centers. Mohammad Hanif told to the reporter,  “They—security force—held us for a couple of nights, then the National Army brought us here—a center in Lashkar Gah, center of Helmand province. When the court sentenced me to three and a half years, it really hurts”.


Another victim told about what Taliban had taught them. Hanan, who was detained in the center too, said to ABC, “It is written in the Holy Qur’an that you’re allowed to kill infidels as you would kill a dog”.



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