Journalists faced more violence in the current year than in last seven years when they were trying to access to information for informing the people to ultimately know about the instable Afghanistan.

NAI or supporting open media in Afghanistan during a press conference on September 28 said that the current year is the most dangerous year in last seven years for journalists to access to Information from the government and private institutes.

According to NAI, 72 percent of violence against journalists happened when they were trying to access to information based in census of Nai in the current year. Journalists faced trouble and violence when they request information and the institutes responded by violence.

NAI reported that in the current year, 58 cases violence against journalists happened and 42 cases happened during trying to access to information. 58 cases were reported to NAI and there is no data how many other journalists faced violence but they didn’t report to NAI.

NAI is defending journalists’ rights and help journalists to access information and also don’t face violence in the country that has high rate of cases of violence against journalists.

Nai also reported in last seven years—from 2010 up to 2016—that 575 times journalists faced violence and 190 cases occurred during journalists were trying to access to information. 190 times journalists tried to access to information but faced violence.

The high rate of violence against journalists during trying to access to information made 33 percent of violence of the last seven years.

The report came out about violence journalists after the year that Law of ‘Accessing to Information’ was signed by the president, Ashraf Ghani and now it’s law that should be implement by all the institutes including governmental and private.

The governmental and private institutes are trying to refuse to offer information in hands of journalists to inform the people who need ultimate news about the country’s issues. While everything is changing and new things happen in the instable country, people wouldn’t ultimately know about the country if journalists face more violence during trying to access to information.



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