The U.S. airstrikes in Achin district that killed 15 civilians was compared to former Soviet airstrikes in Afghanistan during supporting the communist government of Afghanistan.

The U.S. military force in Afghanistan conducted air strikes in Achin district of Nangarhar Province—east region of Afghanistan—on September 28 that killed at least 15 civilians and wounded 13 other. According to UNAMA, people had gathered to celebrate the Hajj pilgrimage of a tribal elder when airstrikes occurred.

Achin District is base of the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant in Afghanistan. The NDS (National Intelligence services of Afghanistan) reported that suicide bombers, who blew themselves up in Hazara rally in Kabul on July 23 and killed over 80 civilians and wounded around 300 other, were trained at Achin District.

The U.S. airstrikes had carried out before Afghan National air force killed five national army commandos and one police officer in Farah province on October 1. The airstrikes self-force victims raising show that it’s hard to distinguish between the Islamist group fighters, civilians and allies in the ground.

The Islamic state fighters in Achin district cannot be easily differed from civilians because they usually hide in civilian homes and don’t have specific shelter or base. The Islamist fighters including the Islamic state fighters and Taliban are everywhere and nowhere to know who is fighter and who is an innocent civilian.

But in politicians’ words, we hear something extraordinary and anti-US. Former President Hamid Karzai in Mujahidden rally at Loy-e-Jirga (Afghan traditional grand council) house said that the US airstrikes are not different from the former Soviet Union airstrikes.

Mujahidden gathered on September 30 to celebrate anniversary of death of Burhanidden Rabanni who was president of Mujahidden government in 1992—1996, chairperson of High peace council of Afghanistan and was killed in his home by suicide bomber.

Meanwhile, UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan) condemned the U.S. airstrikes in Achin district.

“UNAMA calls on the Government and international military forces to launch a prompt, independent, impartial, transparent, and effective investigation into this incident.”



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