Dr. Najib was head of KHAD–Afghan version of Soviet KGB.

The moon’s light was vanished by the sun in the east side of Kabul City 20 years ago on September 26, 1996 and people left their homes to go work but the president was dragged behind a truck in the streets of Kabul City, shot to death and then publicly hanged. The body of Former President of Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Najib was been publicly hanged all the days to give opportunity for photographers to record in history what ‘soldiers of God’—referred to Taliban—do and the new sun had begun.

Dr. Najib after working as the head of KHAD— Afghan version of Soviet KGB—and president of Republic of Afghanistan with many his efforts from National reconciliation to have Islamic state, was shot to death and became symbol of ‘soldiers of God’.

Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai was born on February 27, 1947 in Kabul. He grown up in Kabul; studied Habibia High school, and earned Doctor Degree in medicine from Kabul University.

Dr. Najib joined Parcham faction of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan in 1965 when he was 18 years old and, it has said, grade 10. Najib held many careers under the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and one of the many careers was head of KHAD.

Soviet intervention started in 1979 to back-strongly the government in Asia. One year passed that Dr. Najib was appointed the head of KHAD by Babrak Karmul who was president of PDPA (1979—1986).KHAD under chief of Dr. Najib became the most effective weapon to fight against the U.S. , Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and IRAN—backed mujahedeen groups that were fighting against the Soviet-backed government in Afghanistan.

KHAD’s employee increased from 120 to 25,000 to 30,000, according to Wikipedia. KHAD became the most important organ in the government. Dr. Najib, it has said, directly sent reports to the KGB. Dr. Najibullah once said in PDPA conference, “a weapon in one hand, a book in the other.”  

Dr. Najib became president of Afghanistan in 1987

Dr. Najib became president of Afghanistan in 1987 after Karmul was replaced by the Soviet last leader. His presidency was with dramatic change in the world from collapse of Soviet Union and then his government.

The Soviet Last leader wanted to have partner in Afghanistan to facilitate the soviet troops withdraw from Afghanistan. Dr. Najib first cooperated with the Soviet Union leaders and was thinking that the small number of the soviet troops would remain in Afghanistan.

The former president launched National Reconciliation after becoming president. The president called for six-month ceasefire and talk between the U.S.-backed Islamist groups that were fighting with the strong government at the end of 1986. Allegedly, 40,000 Islamist rebels joined the process and became part of the government.

The president efforts for building peace in the country even held election in 1987. The election was held with the introducing a new law that permitted other parts to take a part in the government and govern the country. The election organized new National Assembly, Senate, House of Representatives and president to be indirectly elected for 7 year term.

Dr. Najib also tried to change the country to Islamic country. He introduced the new constitution, which was later reformed in 2001 and became liberal democratic constitution of Afghanistan, to make the country Islamic state. The name of Afghanistan from People’s democratic Republic of Afghanistan changed to Republic Afghanistan and announced that all members of its government are Muslims not communists. Dr. Najib re-added Ullah to his name and became Dr. Najibullah to appease the Muslim community.

But nothing could save the government special when their helicopters and warplanes shot down by U.S. made missiles. The Soviet collapsed also added to the weakness of the government, and Dr. Najib found himself alone to save the country from fundamentalists.

In the autumn of 1991, Dr.Najib wrote to Shevardnadze—his main ally in the soviet communist party leadership council, “I didn’t want to be president; you talked me into it, insisted on it, and promised support. Now you are throwing me and the Republic of Afghanistan to its fate.”

The Soviet Union ended its aids to Afghanistan and caused to ground the Afghan Air Force. The new Russian Federation cut to supply Afghan Air Force with fuel with huge pipeline from central Asia to Bagram Base which is now the main U.S. base in Afghanistan.

At that time, the U.N. suggested a transitional government and Dr. Najib optimistically accepted it as better solution.

Fatana Najib wife of Dr. Najib with her three daughters have lived in India for years said to BBC Persian that her husband was ready to sacrifice everything for sake of his broken country and that he resigned not due to as last chance but owing to feeling of patriotism toward to the country.

But the transitional government didn’t work and the Islamist rebels enter to Kabul in April 1992 and that was the end of his government. Dr. Najib sent his wife and three daughters to India but didn’t go with them. The president sought asylum in local UN headquarters in Kabul.

While Rebels were firing on each other mainly in Kabul, Dr. Najib engaged himself in translating Peter Hopkirk’s book, the Great Game, into Pashto. Dr. Najib during his 1992—96 refuge in the UN quoted that “Afghans keep making the same mistake”.

Sunset of September 26, 1996, was the last sunset of Dr. Najib’s life. Taliban entered to the U.N. office and took him. Dr. Najib, it has said, was castrated, shot and dragged him behind a truck in streets to death and the tomorrow morning his death body with his brother was publicly hanged.

‘Soldiers of God’ shocked the country by publicly hanging the President

‘Soldiers of God’ killed the president not only a president but also era not only era but also people of the country.

His body is in grave but his memory is alive between people. Many people remember him as national hero and his posters are in front of people’s eyes and can be seen in back of TAXI, walls and the city of Kabul.


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