Two U.S. soldiers were injured during usual patrol in Jalalabad City of Nangarhar province which is east region of Afghanistan.

The U.S. officials confirmed that roadside-bomb injured two soldiers, according to Reuters news agency.

Reuters reported that The U.S. soldiers were carrying out usual patrol mission by armed vehicles that roadside-bomb targeted them. The injured soldiers have been moved to the U.S. main military camp in Jalalabad.

The U.S. military camp in Jalalabad—capital of Nangarhar province of east region of Afghanistan—is one of five military camps in Afghanistan. The U.S. camp in Jalalabad is the only one in East of Afghanistan.

The Jalalabad camp trained and hosted the U.S. marines that flied from there to kill Osama Bin Ladan on 2011. During the U.S. operation on Osama Bin Ladan, Jalalabad camp used as the main camp to kill Bin Ladan on the ground that it’s near and have border with Pakistan.



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