News spread from south of Afghanistan to tell about planed Taliban attacks on Helmand, and Farah provinces. The provincial capital of Helmand became seriously under attack of Taliban weeks ago.

The provincial capital of Farah province—South-west region of Afghanistan—had been attacked before NATO and its allies troops went to the province to push Taliban back.

Recent serious insurgency in the south of Afghanistan told about huge problems in the Afghan National army that the U.S. strongly has been arming them since 2001.

From 2002 up to now, the U.S. has spent more than $68 Billion dollars to arm and reinforce the Afghan National army, Police, and Intelligence services. But still the army can’t secure the regions that insurgents have been active since 2001.

The Afghan national army including national police and intelligence services made up to 320 thousands personals and troops. But it’s only in the paper of the respective ministries.

SIGAR wrote to the U.S. pentagon to give information about ten thousand ‘imaginary soldiers’ who get paid. Despite thousands of the soldiers have been killed or escaped from the army, still they get paid.

Head of Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John F. Sopko said in his press statement, “Officials in Helmand province have said that approximately half of the numbers of soldiers are only in the papers and don’t have physical existence in the ground and their salaries go to pocket of corrupt army leaders.”

Officials of Afghanistan’s defense ministry confirm huge problems in the ministry but deny ‘imaginary soldiers’ in the army.

But the officials in the ground of south of Afghanistan do something far from what they supposed to do.

Allegedly and according to unconfirmed reports, the Afghan commanders of the army sell their post and checkpoints to Taliban groups without any fear of being punished.

The south, specially, Helmand and Farah provinces faced weakness to fight against Taliban. Around 30 thousand soldiers were not able to secure the Helmand capital.


Meanwhile, Fight is undergoing in Kunduz, Nangarhar, Badghis, and many other provinces are under attack of Taliban.


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