The U.S. troop have deployed in the provincial capital of Farah province after the provincial capital had been become under attack.

The U.S. troop have been flown from the Shindant base—district of Herat province in west region of Afghanistan—to the provincial capital of Farah province which is just around two hours in car far from Herat province.

The U.S. base in Shindant district is one the five major U.S bases in Afghanistan.

There is no report yet about did the Nato-led Resolute Support mission join the counteroffensive or no.

The Afghan National army and the U.S. troop launched joined counteroffensive in outskirts of the provincial capital after the capital had become under serious attack of Taliban within days.

The Afghan government claimed that the army had killed 35 the Taliban militants and wounded over 30.

Large number of residences of outskirts of the provincial capital flew from their homes.

The provincial capital became under attack only after the provincial capital of Helmand province secured from the Taliban. The U.S. troops had engaged in pushing back the Taliban from the provincial capital and the outskirts.

Previously, the U.S. advisers had been in the ground of Kunduz province during war between the Afghan national army and the Taliban.



  1. Thank you for following my blog. Yours is of great interest to me because my son was there with the US Army about eight years ago and is currently scheduled to go back in the spring. God bless you all and may He see you through this turmoil
    There is a shout out to you in a post on my blog today or tomorrow.

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