UN has been established 71 years ago in 1945. In 71 years of UN age, Afghanistan has been in war for 40 years. The UN role has remained ambiguous throughout the war.

The U.S., the former USSR, the UK, France and with many other countries have established an international organization. The world named the organization ‘United Nations.’

“United Nations is the most international successful organization in the world. The reasons the United Nations become such successful are specific international needs required such organization and to reach a global dream; universal peace.” Professor Mohseni, head of Kateb University said.

United Nations aimed to build a world without war. The universal dream was on the top of the UN goals. United Nations could be defined as international organization to build peace across the world.

But only after two decades war outbroke in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan became battle field of the countries that established United Nations to build peace in the world.

End of cold war in 1991, given chance for United Nations to build peace in Afghanistan in order to reach close to the universal dream. By the way, United Nations proposed transition government in 1992 Afghanistan.

“One of the reasons, that Dr. Njib’s government was collapsed, was accepting UN’s proposed transition government.” said Former Foreign ministry of Afghanistan Republic (Dr. Najib’s government ) Abdull Wakil.

United Nations proposed transitional government failed and civil war outbroke in 1992 Afghanistan. Street-to-street war was undergoing in Kabul when UN headquarter witness the deadly civil war.

When Taliban’s flag was raised in 1996 Afghanistan, United Nations couldn’t nothing to stop Taliban regime from acting brutally for implementation of Sharia. The Sharia that mainly targeted women and United Nations witnessed in video that Taliban shot-to death a women in Football stadium of Kabul.

US attack on Taliban regime in 2001, brought golden chance for United Nations to build peaceful and better world in Afghanistan. United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has changed its policy toward working locally rather politically.

UNAMA focused exclusive on women situation and Human Rights. “UNAM back programs to empower Afghan women and implement Human rights.” said UNAMA mission statement.

The more important role that UNAMA has been playing is documenting, reporting, and researching in Afghanistan that few people pay attention. UN has documented civilian causalities in the war, as result recently reported it and researched about water conflict and as result came out with proposed resolutions about the vital issue in the agriculturally country.


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