US air to ground engagement in the recent Kunduz clash likely caused 30 civilian casualties, according to USFOR-A.

“An initial investigation has determined that efforts near Kunduz Nov 3 to defend Afghan National Defense and Security Forces likely resulted in civilian casualties.” said USFOR-A press statement.

US Force-Afghanistan released statement regarding the recent clash between Taliban militants and Afghan Special force in Kunduz that caused 30 civilian casualties.

“I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives, regardless of the circumstances. The loss of innocent life is a tragedy and our thoughts are with the families,” said Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of U.S. Forces – Afghanistan.

Afghan special conducted a mission in Boz Village, Kunduz district of Kunduz province targeting Taliban leaders who were planning attacks in Kunduz city on November 3, the statement added.

“We will work with our Afghan partners to investigate and determine the facts and we will work with the Government of Afghanistan to provide assistance.” said the statement.

Associated Press reported that during joined Afghan and NATO operation to kill two important leaders of Taliban in Kunduz two US soldiers and 26 civilian had been killed.

Spokesman of governor of Kunduz province, Sayed Mahmood Danish told to BBC, during operation on Taliban two important leaders of Taliban, four Afghan soldiers had been killed and six other had been wounded.

But Taliban group said three Taliban militants had been killed while they had killed 15 U.S. soldiers.



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