Reuters: The Females Van where their lives have been stolen.

Five female employees became under fire of unknown gunmen on Saturday morning, Kandahar, said officials.

After daring to go out and work in the men society, five female’s lives have been stolen at morning of December 17 in the southern Afghan city, Kandahar.

Samim Khapalwak, a spokesman for the governor of Kandahar, said two unknown gunmen on motorcycles followed the van, which was carrying the female staffs, and stopped. Then, bullets destroyed five female with one man driver around 6:30 morning, said Samim.

The five female employees were in charge of searching female passengers and their luggage at Kandahar Airport. The employees had been hired by a private security company.

Taliban Islamist regime with Kandahar capital, 1996-2000, banned women from schooling and work.

Months ago before the attack, the United States Special Inspector General for Afghanistan reconstruction reported that increased insecurity in the country is one of the roadblocks for Afghan women.


Which insurgent group is responsibility for the lost lives is not clear. Taliban denied responsibility of the attack.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, released statement, “the attack on women is helplessness and weakness of enemies of Afghanistan.”


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