Afghanistan has developed but some parts of the country has left behind.

Afghanistan has developed in education and health sectors, and also accessing to basic welfare, but inequality has also grown in comparison different provinces of the country, according to Finance ministry of Afghanistan.

Ministry of finance in cooperation with census administration office, and World Bank released public welfare evaluation report during a press conference.

With the aim of cognizance of less developed provinces and considering the provinces in the further development programs, finding challenges for sustainable development, and documenting for effective designation of national development budgets and government, the report has been published, said the finance ministry.

Gender inequality in education is the good instance of inequality between different provinces, said Chairman of economic policy of the ministry, Ahmad Niaz.

According to him, in Afghanistan, three boys enter school, in contrast of two girls entering school.

Herat and Duikundi provinces, is devoid of gender inequality in education. In contrast, Paktia province has only 9.4 gender equality in education, based on the report.

Takhar, Duikundi, Nuristan and Paktia are the provinces that have less development than other 30 provinces of the country.

According to the ministry, Takhar province with 66 percent poor population is the poorest. In contrast, Farah province with only four percent poor population is the most welfare province of the country.

Jobless rate has the same story of inequality. Duikundi province with 50 percent jobless people is very far from Juszjan province with 5.6 percent jobless.


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