Was American Professor Kevin King scared when Taliban group kidnapped them? What about Australian professor Timothy Weeks? Are they tearful and helpless in days pass in captivity?

Were Kevin King and Timothy weeks happy and cheerful after a day teaching at American University of Afghanistan on Sunday evening August 7, 2016? Were their eyes staring at the big walls of the university that separate them from Darul-aman Road in Kabul? When gunmen in Afghan National police officers uniform stopped them, were they afraid?

What did the professors when the gunmen pointed their guns to them and broke their car’s glass? Did they become afraid? Horrified? Confused? Or trembled? Did the gunmen brutally pull them out of their car and forced them to go with them? Were the professors injured?

How long it took they reached to a Taliban Camp somewhere in Eastern of Afghanistan? What were the professors thinking while, perhaps, jumping in Toyota car usually in black color of Taliban group on the rocky roads of eastern of Afghanistan?

Were the five months equal to five months—from August 2016 to January 2017—of Timothy and Kevin in captivity? How they react to Taliban Group, perhaps, when they say ‘we are Taliban group’? Afraid? Scared? Darkness? Hopeless?

Did the Timothy and Kevin appear on the video on their willing or they were forced? With what hope they spoke to the camera? Why they appealed?

Could students of Kevin, left, and Tim, right, their professors? 

What Timothy means by “Please speak for me now, speak to the American government, and please, please help me secure my release” saying to his family? Why didn’t Timothy appeal directly to the American Government?

Could Timothy describe well his situation by “We are here with no help and no hope.” words? Could he make many people to think and care about their situation? How many people really care about them? Only University? Their students? Or only their families? Oh, governments?

How could they tolerate to appear on video with long moustaches and uncut hair? Were not they allowed to cut their moustaches and hair? Or Taliban group do not have the supplies? Oh, what happened to their cloths? Are they in use by someone else or were thrown away and seen as Kaffirs’s (Infield) cloths?

Were Timothy’s tears enough to get attention of the world that there is a war in Afghanistan and we are the victims? Did weepy Kevin talk enough?  Was Timothy enough professional in English after being Teacher of high-level English in the University to speak aloud?

Was really Timothy thinking while saying tearfully, “Donald Trump, sir, I ask you, please. This is in your hands. I ask you please to negotiate with the Taliban. If you do not negotiate with hem, we will be killed.” they would be released in exchange of releasing Taliban prisoners from Bagram Prisoner in north of Kabul and U.S. main base in Afghanistan? Was he thinking Trump would even think about him, a human in captivity, in Afghanistan?

Who has heard them? Five billion people? Or five person? Oh, none?

Did mother of Timothy heard her son’s voice, “My mother, I know you are sick in hospital and I may never see you again.”? Is she scared? Do not know even about her son?

Is Tim married? Or a 48-year old single man? Is Kevin married? Or a 51-year old single man? Have they kids who cry over them? Have they wives who are waiting to see their husbands?

What if they do not see Kevin and Tim? Would anybody help them to be released? Would anybody try to help Tim to see Sydney again and Kevin see U.S.? Or would happen what Tim didn’t want, “I don’t want to die here”?




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