A third of population of Afghanistan need humanitarian assistance in 2017

The United Nations estimates at least 9.3 million Afghans, nearly a third population of the country need humanitarian Assistance and a half billion dollars can meet the need.

Reuters News agency interviewed Mark Bowden, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Afghanistan, on Wednesday in Kabul and reported that hundreds of thousands of refugees to return from Pakistan and Iran this year and average of 1,500 people are displaced by fighting every day.

“The majority of people returning are very poor… and have lost a lot,” he said on Wednesday.

According to Reuters, United Nations and other organizations will launch the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan that requires $550 million to help about 5.7 million of the most vulnerable people.

Such funding request will only meet a fraction of the target. Last year, the organizations requested $339 million and received only $197 million. An emergency appeal for $152 million last year to help more than a million refugees returning from Pakistan, Iran and displaced by fighting, raised just $91.

“The major impact is that we’re not able to address the needs of displaced people as adequately as we want.” Bowden said to Reuters.

Worsen of fighting in the country in last year not only added to number of displaced people, but also reduced domestic products growth. Before withdrawal of US-led International coalition, experts predicted that domestic product will grow 12 percent per year.

Instead, conflicts has worsened in the country and annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth hovers around 1 percent per year, undermine efforts to wean the country’s “distorted economy” to off foreign aids, Mr. Bowden said to Reuters.


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