Caitlan Coleman is 31; in 2012 she was 28. Caitlan has two sons; in 2012 she had a 7-month son. Ms. Coleman lives in captivity in Asia; in 2012 she was enjoying getting to know new people in Asia.

A girl from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania was gone. Nobody knew where she was after October 2012. Her family received no email and no ring after her husband Joshua Boyle emailed from an Internet café in what he called an ‘unsafe’ part of Afghanistan.

20 months passed without any email or ring from Caitlan Coleman. Finally, the family received a message from Afghanistan; Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle, the couple, was abducted by Taliban.

York girl with long chestnut-colored hair, big brown eyes and fashionably strong eyebrows had born and raised in Pennsylvania. Her mom, Lyn, says to Philadelphia Magazine Caitlan was always generous: As a 10-year old, she went door-to-door to raise money for poor in Haiti. “The first person she asked slammed the door in her face, but she kept going… if she had extra money, she wouldn’t necessarily spend it on herself. She would spend it on those who were in greater need.”

“I know it sounds kind of cliché, but she was just a really good person.” Caitlan’s friend since high school, Julia said to Philadelphia Magazine. Lindsay, her other friend, used to call her Caity. “I went through a breakup when I was friends with Caity,” says Lindsay to Philadelphia Magazine. “She was the one who would try to cheer me up and get my mind off of it.”

Courtesy of Family and Friends Photo: York Girl, Caity, has been abducted in Afghanistan.

Caitlan Coleman was a single girl until she met someone from Canada. The someone was Joshua Boyle. They met on-line. The both once traveled to Latin America. After traveling to Latin America, they become a couple. They got married in Central America in 2011.

Joshua was a writer. He studied English at the University of Waterloo. Joshua Boyle was fascinated by Politics, Islam, and the Middle East. Alex Edwards, a friend since 2002, says to Philadelphia Magazine  Joshua “spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours”  writing Wikipedia articles on those subjects and others.

Caitlan and Joshua wed in 2011 in Central American after meeting online.

We may hardly sympathy with someone who had a little terror link; Joshua acted like a spokesperson of Omar Khadr’s family. When Omar Khadr was 15-year old, he was captured by U.S. force in 2002 in a firefight at Al-Qaida compound in Afghanistan and spent 10 years at Guantanamo Bay. Then he got married with her sister, Zaynab, and quickly divorced. But U.S. officials discount any link between that previous family tie and his capture and called it a “horrible coincidence”.

Caity was described as big-hearted, relentless optimistic, funny and flawed. She with her husband set off in the summer of 2012 for a journey to Asia. The journey took them to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

“I enjoy getting to know some of the most unique, quirky people I have ever met, and learning from them. It really gives you a different perspective on the world.” Dated September 6, 2012, Caitlan noted to her friends, according to Philadelphia magazine.

Caitlan was not only a funny girl, she was adventurous. She was also described as a kind person. Her kindness was shown on sending thank-you notes to her friends and family.

The adventurous put her foot in the world of war and violence and ignorance. She was somewhere that was not supposed to be. “They were not supposed to go to Afghanistan” speaks Catilan’s mother, lync Coleman to Philadelphia Magazine. “They promised us they would not go.”

What the hell had Caitlan being doing in Afghanistan?

“Given that they had traveled through much of Central Asia already… maybe they decided, ‘Hell, why not?”” says Alex to Philadelphia Magazine. “Josh had long been interested in Afghanistan… and it’s not like they were going to get another chance to visit.”

Their ticket return date was December. December was, indeed, Caitlan date to give birth her first son.

They were in Afghanistan where Human being is not valuable as Human is valuable in the United States of America. The couple, indeed, becomes much more valuable in the comparison to many Afghans. The valuable couple lost its communication with their family at Oct. 8, 2012, after Boyle emailed from an Internet café in what he called an “unsafe” part of Afghanistan.

The Last withdrawals from the couple’s bank account were made Oct. 8, and 9 in Kabul. Sixty days later, an Afghan official told Associated Press that the two had been abducted in Wardak Province.

WT: From middle of the fog, the couple has been abducted; Wardak Province

But why had the couple traveled to Wardak province?  Wardak province? Hiking? An U.S. Citizen?

The Wardak province, thirty minutes by car far from Kabul, is a Taliban haven with major rural population and unsafe mountain for hiking. Not only for foreign it’s unsafe, but also for Afghans it’s a dangerous place where Taliban can appear on the street anytime and kill them. Then leave the street. It looks like nothing has happened.

Why did they choice Wardak province for hiking when they had a better choice like Pamir mountains or Baba mountain in central region and safe for both foreigners and Afghans? We do not know.

The first Christmas, 2013, passed without receiving her family and her friends Christmas’s cards from Caitlan. They didn’t know that they would not receive Christmas’s cards in the next four years. Not only her Christmas’s cards, but they would not see herself, neither.

Her family and her friends saw her on a video after 20 months of fears and anxieties. “Just seeing her and seeing her face and hearing her, while it was very difficult, it was also something that relieved a lot of ambiguous anxieties and the fears.” said Coleman’s mother.

Caitlan and Joshua were on a video which was sent it to their families in 2013

Her family received the video in 2013 from an Afghan who said he had tie with Taliban. In the video, she said she had given born her first son in captivity. Then the Afghan disappeared.  Nobody expected they would have another son in the captivity.  After the first video, the couple sent another video about their second son in 2015.

They begged to be freed. They—the family—begged to be in U.S. or Canada. But nobody responded. The family has remained in the captivity. Their sons have born and raised in captivity. Caitlan has become a middle age woman and mother of two sons.

Silence; No name of Caitlan in Press, no attempts to make the family free. Nothing at all until four years of being in captivity has been completed in October 2016. Nothing changed after it, neither. The third video of the family appeared on web.

Caitlan ,as appeared in the previous videos, was in black headscarf covered all her body expect her face and hands, doe-like eyes were looking down to read a message a paper and strong brows even more striking appeared in the video.

“I would ask that my family and government do everything that they can to bring my husband, child and I to safely and freedom.” read Caitlan. “Just give the offenders something so they and you can save face so we can leave the region permanently.”

She appealed to Obama, “Please don’t become the next Jimmy Carter,” It seems that she has mentioned Jimmy Carter for leaving The White House without releasing U.S diplomats from captivity in IRAN. But likely, Obama has already become next Jimmy Carter.

Coleman described the family situation as real “nightmares” and “Kafkaesque”. ”, “My children have seen their mother defiled.” added Ms. Coleman.

Joshua sits next to her. He has a long, scraggly beard and wears an old Afghani pull over. Yes, his sons are in his bosom and four eyes move around and wondering about the camera and probably men with guns.

Caitlan Coleman describes her family situation as “nightmare” and “Kafkaesque”.  

“They really will not settle this until they get what they are demanding,” saying briefly at the end of the video Mr. Joshua.

They demand Anas Haqqani. Anas Haqqani is brother of Commander of Haqqani Network. Haqqani Network is a faction of Taliban group. Anas Haqqani was captured by agents of NDS (National Directorate Security) which is Intelligence Service of Afghanistan in 2014. Court sentenced Anas Haqqani to death.

Would they exchange Anas Haqqani with couple? We do not know. What we know is Anas Haqqani is under arrest of Afghans. Americans also do not seem willing to make such a deal. An American official once said that should we send money for hunger Afghan children or spend money on the two “idiots” who might go to Syria after being released from Afghanistan.

It’s believed the family is hold in Pakistan and no other sign of them in our world without the videos.

As we close the videos, the family disappears from our free world. Their Children. Caitlan Coleman. Joshua Boyle. They all go to live all the days and nights in one specific place under eyes of someone else who has likely a gun.




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