PhStreets of Kabul are full of kids; hanging around, playing cards, football games, traditional games like Crickets, and whatever kids can do to have fun. The reason behind getting on streets is kids have no playground to play. Meanwhile, child development is under serious threats of health issues and gangsters.

No Playground for kids in Kabul city

Here are photos what kids do on streets and where they are growing up.

WT: Streets are the only option for kids to play.
WT: For some kids, having fun is limited to hanging around or just walking.
WT: A large number of families do not allow their kids to play on the streets and locked on homes.
WT: Usually girls are excluding from playing with boys; have to find girls or just play on themselves.
WT: Some kids are lucky enough and they can find an unoccupied land to play football or cricket.
WT: what they can do play is limited to football, cricket, running or kit running.
WT: They look out everywhere to play, even building materials.
WT: Playing on the streets means playing with pollution; cause diseases in long period.
WT: Families are too careless about their kids who even play with sludge.
WT: Despite 41.47% population of the country is made up of 0-14-year olds, Afghanistan have not big playgrounds, even, in big cities like Kabul.
WT:Staying out for a long time usually ends up with beaten by their parents and kids are forced to get back home with tears.
According to UNICEF, 30% Afghan Children, like garbage collectors of the photo, were engaged in child labor in 2011 and have time even play on the streets

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